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About Us

Facing Forward

For 17 years we have provided medical care for our neighbors who are underserved or uninsured in Kershaw County. Today CMC plays an increasingly broad role as the leader of a collaborative effort to improve population health throughout the county. The clinic itself, the hub of our operations, serves as the medical home to 800 county residents, resulting in about 3,600 patient visits annually. How do we accomplish this?

  1. We spend all funds efficiently and effectively, enabling us to operate the clinic on $500,000 annually. That investment results in a value of $5.7 million of medical care for Kershaw County residents.
  2. Our more than 200 active community volunteers contribute 10,000 hours to the clinic each year, again allowing us to leverage each dollar entrusted to us.
  3. We treat the whole person, not just a list of symptoms. Our patients come to us with complex medical issues in addition to the need for assistance in many aspects of daily living. Only when these factors are addressed can they pursue the steps toward healthy living.

Our clinic is vital to our core efforts. However, in the past 2 years, we’ve expanded our mission beyond the walls of our medical facility.

  • Through our program Access Kershaw, we help uninsured patients navigate through the maze of healthcare.
  • Last year our Live Well Kershaw program established school-based health clinics at North Central High School and Middle School, making medical care available to 859 students throughout the school year.
  • Live Well Kershaw also opened community clinics operated in 4 churches throughout the North Central area and providing medical care and access to prescription drugs for those who may not have transportation to the clinic itself.
  • Plans are underway to expand these programs throughout the county in the near future.


The Opportunity

We believe everyone in Kershaw County should have access to quality medical care. Part of that equation is being empowered with the resources to live healthy lives.

One common question we hear is “Do we even need a free clinic any more with the Affordable Care Act?”

The answer is a resounding YES. The need is actually greater now than it's ever been before. With the changing medical coverage landscape, people in our community are still in need of quality medical care. The under and uninsured population within Kershaw County and South Carolina continues to be a large number. More recent statistics indicate that 24% of adults under the age of 65 and 7% of children 19 years and younger in Kershaw County are uninsured.

Become Part of the Solution

CMC opened in 1998 as a nonprofit, charitable family practice medical clinic. We were founded on the mission of providing medical care to the uninsured residents of Kershaw County. We've grown from seeing several patients a week in one room to having a fully staffed medical facility as well as mobile clinics. It's been an incredible journey.

Today, we have expanded our mission to leading a collaborative effort to empower individuals to take charge of their own health and well-being.

We invite you to join us in this mission! Please consider making a donation or learning about our many volunteer opportunities.

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