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LiveWell Kershaw is a population-based health approach to improving health outcomes in Kershaw County. The goal of this effort is to make Kershaw County the healthiest county in South Carolina, based on the County Health Rankings compiled annually by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Population Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin.

In collaboration with the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina, this initiative began with a county-wide health assessment followed by the development of a health improvement plan. Eat Smart/Move More Kershaw County and KershawHealth provided start-up funding for this effort.

LiveWell Kershaw is guided by three fundamental principles:

  • Collaboration among citizens, governments, businesses, healthcare providers, civic and religious organizations and schools is critical to achieving the objective.
  • All stakeholders must take ownership in and be accountable to quantitative measures of overall population health in Kershaw County.
  • A comprehensive, long-term plan that reaches critical mass is necessary to move the overall population health numbers in a positive direction.

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2012-2013 Kershaw County Community Health Needs Assessment 

2016-2017 Kershaw County Community Health Needs Assessment

The Health Services District of Kershaw County is partnering with the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina to update the community health needs assessment.  The team is currently reviewing data sources, interviewing key informants, conducting focus groups in all towns in Kershaw County, collecting community surveys and facilitating discussions with community groups on health priorities and making sense of the data collected.  The updated community health needs assessment will be complete in March of 2017.

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