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Sally's Story

Sally, 38, began coming to CMC for primary care in November 2015. On a Friday night in April she was robbed at gunpoint.

The following this traumatic event, Sally came to CMC tearful and distraught. Because CMC has a mental health counselor onsite, Sally was able to make an appointment immediately to get the care she needed. Our counselor confirmed she was having standard trauma responses: little sleep fraught with nightmares, easily startled, flashbacks of the gun in her face and thoughts that she was going to die, increased anxiety and fearfulness, and a loss of appetite. Both our counselor and Sally agreed to address her distress in a holistic way.

Over the course of several months, our counselor met with Sally every week.

Sally learned relaxation techniques from her counselor so she didn’t need medicine to fall asleep and feel safe in her home. She learned how to monitor the tension in her body as the first line of defense in managing the stress. She learned to visualize a comforting place in her mind where she could find a break from the onslaught of friends asking details of the robbery, nightly news of other violent crimes in nearby communities, how to handle a new employer who had become verbally abusive, and how to prepare for court where she would have to view video of the robbery.

As of today, Sally makes practicing her relaxation strategies part of her everyday routine, she is sleeping and eating again, and said she is incredible grateful for her counselor's support through this difficult process.

Sally's story is an example of CMC seeing the whole person who walks through our doors.

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