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Flip or Flop

We're Moving Kershaw County To The Top

“It takes an event like this to have community leaders talk about the knowledge that in most cases, they already know. My hope is that all the different leaders who are here from the schools, the county, the city -- that they actually keep talking. And it’s our job as a clinic to facilitate the continuation of that conversation after this event.”

William Cox, Board Member of the Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County 

We at the Community Medical Clinic were honored to host, “Flip or Flop, Let’s Move Kershaw County to the Top,” in October 2016, featuring Dr. Soma Stout, from the prestigious Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, the Lead Transformation Adviser at the Cambridge Health Alliance.

Sponsored by LiveWell Kershaw, this conference connected business, government, community, education and healthcare leaders from across the county with nationally-recognized experts from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Harvard University's School of Public Health.

What happens after Flip or Flop? You decide.

We came together in October 2016 with one mission: make Kershaw the healthiest county in the state.

We all bring different resources to the table to accomplish this mission. During our Flip Or Flop conference in October, we connected with business, government, community, education, and healthcare leaders from all over Kershaw County. It was incredible to get all of you in the same room for one day!

What came of our conversation was inspiring! We mapped out a blue print to HOW we're going to become a healthier community. Now it's time to collectively roll up our sleeves and pour the foundation for our new construction. This means figuring out the WHAT we're going to do to achieve our goal.

Progress can't be made if we don't keep the dialogue open.

Here is what we're asking from you: Please take an active role in solving the issues discussed in your breakout groups.

Here is what we pledge to you: To facilitate group meetings and hold us accountable.

Let's get started

North Central Breakout Group 
Meeting from 8 to 10 a.m. Dec. 9 at the Community Medical Clinic.
110C East DeKalb St., Camden 

Teen Pregnancy Breakout Group
Meeting TBA for January 2017

Obesity Breakout Group
Meeting TBA for January 2017

Seniors Breakout Group
Meeting TBA for January 2017

Our conference in October was just the beginning. We're looking forward to continuing the conversation about how to make Kershaw County the healthiest place to live in South Carolina. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

The Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County