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Meet Mabel's Family

Mabel worked for 19 years in Lugoff until the company that she worked for closed down. She had health issues and needed medication, but without health insurance, she was worried about how she was going to afford it. "You couldn't have better medical attention than what I had when I went to the clinic," Mabel said. "I tell the world now, the care I got at CMC was compassionate. I'm so grateful."

Before COVID-19, Mabel's daughter and son-in-law (pictured back in 2019) always made a point to come out and participate in the Clinic Classic. "You took care of my mom when she needed it the most, so I walk now to help the Clinic take care of someone else's mom," Mabel's daughter said. By supporting CMC and the Clinic Classic, you are supporting CMC patients in their journey to good health!

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