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Jessica Wilkes talks about the Best Chance Network (BCN)

Place-Based Care: Camden

CMC's main campus is located in Camden and provides routine medical care to patients. Most treatments are geared toward management of chronic conditions such as diabetes as well as basic medical care. For example, when a patient presents with symptoms of routine illnesses like a cold or the flu.  In the event a patient's situation requires the services of a specialist, CMC's Referral Network connects patients with specialists in Cardiology, Dermatology, Oncology and Mental Health all offered to the patient.


Why Zip Codes Matter

Proximity to resources matters when it comes to health and well-being. Household income varies widely across the county, from near poverty-level to high-income. Poverty is linked to poor health. Almost a quarter of Kershaw County residents do not have health insurance.


Camden Facts

Population (2019): 7,100

Median House Hold income: $49,059


Services: CMC Camden Campus

In addition to routine care and management of chronic conditions, CMC's Camden Campus offer the following:

  • Women's Health: Women’s annual health exams are important to detect breast and cervical cancer. Early detection saves lives. Through the Best Chance Network program, CMC is now providing services for women to be screened at the West Wateree Medical Complex two days a week.
  • Diabetes Care: One in ten Americans has been diagnosed with diabetes. This chronic disease is close to home for many of us. CMC is focusing on improving the quality of life for people living with diabetes in our area. The clinic has resources, information, and expertise to help people living with diabetes to lead a healthy life. The Diabetic Circuit Training Program assists CMC diabetic patients with education about meal planning, the importance of exercise, how to live a healthy life with diabetes, and foot care. Through a partnership with SC FoodShare, CMC is able to give diabetic patients access to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables at no charge to the patient.
  • Access Kershaw: A Community Health Worker is onsite daily at the Camden campus to connect patients with life-improving resources such as transportation, assistance with SNAP benefits, job readiness and many other areas of life identified as affecting overall health. 
  • Bi-lingual Translation Services are available at the CMC's Camden campus for Spanish speaking and other non-English speaking patients.

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